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mod_authnz_sspi/0.1.0 alpha 1

Notice, use these modules at your own risk. There are no gurantees! They are virus free, or so says my AV and your mileage may vary. You are encouraged to check on your own since modules are DLL files, feel free to run them through VirusTotal.com. Please report any problems you encounter with the modules at the Apache Haus forum.

Also note that these modules are compiled from unreleased development source code, parts of which are still labled as a "work in progress" so they may not be suitable for production or any other use. By downloading this module, you accept this risk and any others that may be associated with this module.

These binaries are built from unmodified source files that can be found here.

Revision 2: Fix LoadModule statement in the original INSTALL file. I see people stumbling on this in various forums.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.0a1-2.4.x-x64-r2.zip2013-07-06 11:27 21K 
[   ]mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.0a1-2.4.x-x86-r2.zip2013-07-06 11:27 20K 
[   ]mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x64-vc11.zip2017-02-18 17:20 20K 
[   ]mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x64-vc14.zip2017-02-18 17:21 24K 
[   ]mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x86-vc11.zip2017-02-18 17:21 19K 
[   ]mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x86-vc14.zip2017-02-18 17:21 22K 

SHA1 File Checksums:

1de9fdfeb9d34342f44f4a67391c9d9139a3abe1 *mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.0a1-2.4.x-x64-r2.zip
030484e687688d280bb76c4886e14315efd53907 *mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.0a1-2.4.x-x86-r2.zip
c867765434c24a70140ab878bc0f50677c443708 *mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x64-vc11.zip
4a35c49f5efba28277d4eff91cf2b1477060c9d9 *mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x64-vc14.zip
993c1b4cd9c27fd72edb59a3ca7fd8bb8dc30503 *mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x86-vc11.zip
e9cfc662591347d9eb277acefc7d0f5199eab705 *mod_authnz_sspi-0.1.1a1-2.4.x-x86-vc14.zip

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