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mod_bikeshed/0.1.1 for Apache 2.4.x built on Visual C++

What mod_bikeshed does is allow the server's Administrator to change the server signature/tokens to anything they want and will show up in the Server: header as well. You can also turn tokens off completely by setting BikeShedTokensString to "None".

Note to those using mod_security: You do not need this module as mod_security will do the same thing using the SecServerSignature directive.

Notice, use these modules at your own risk. There are no gurantees! They are virus free, or so says my AV and your mileage may vary. You are encouraged to check on your own since modules are DLL files, feel free to run them through VirusTotal.com. Please report any problems you encounter with the modules at the Apache Haus forum.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x64-vc14.zip2017-02-13 20:28 7.7K 
[   ]mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x64-vc15.zip2019-03-10 13:35 8.0K 
[   ]mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x86-vc14.zip2017-02-13 20:29 7.6K 
[   ]mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x86-vc15.zip2019-03-10 13:36 7.8K 
[   ]mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-src.zip2012-09-30 23:32 2.9K 

SHA1 File Checksums:

14c014568c5210b5421ca218e43349902a5a1164 *mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x64-vc14.zip
34fc95da6952b90a77147eaa72e8349a7883c56e *mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x64-vc15.zip
323f15d804b53ca93d38f49a77dd04c3fa7d6f0f *mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x86-vc14.zip
07e75e073bcd9c810a6f7b43f2aa64802788d235 *mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-2.4.x-x86-vc15.zip
7e730f13af608f306b4afcc883522ede447c9edd *mod_bikeshed-0.1.1-src.zip

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