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mod_evasive2/1.10.x-win for Apache 2.4

mod_evasive2 is an evasive maneuvers module for Apache to provide evasive action in the event of an HTTP DoS or DDoS attack or brute force attack. It is also designed to be a detection tool, and can be easily configured to talk to ipchains, firewalls, routers, and etcetera.

Notice, use these modules at your own risk. There are no gurantees! They are virus free, or so says my AV and your mileage may vary. You are encouraged to check on your own since modules are DLL files, feel free to run them through Please report any problems you encounter with the modules at the Apache Haus forum.

Version 1.10.1 returns a 403 error (Access Denied) on triggering
Version 1.10.2 returns a 503 error (Service Unavailable) on triggering

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]mod_evasive2-1.10.1-2.4.x-vc14-x64.zip2017-02-19 10:54 18K 
[   ]mod_evasive2-1.10.1-2.4.x-vc14-x86.zip2017-02-19 10:54 17K 
[   ]mod_evasive2-1.10.1-win32-src.zip2013-06-18 16:18 29K 
[   ]mod_evasive2-1.10.2-2.4.x-vc14-x64.zip2017-02-19 10:54 18K 
[   ]mod_evasive2-1.10.2-2.4.x-vc14-x86.zip2017-02-19 10:55 17K 
[   ]mod_evasive2-1.10.2-win32-src.zip2013-06-20 10:51 30K 

SHA1 File Checksums:

e443b8073ef87299e2fd503202708c49a8d746b0 *
d4a24e95a925771a8d01fa185e8eef67a93c7342 *
a03cd074c8076a5dda0fcf9cfb4fdfade945dee2 *
7248e025d3df1178d6b57784b32ea0197617a5fc *
bcc6afe95911a3ad6a6d8091d7a44841d00b4c5e *
e316055b72c28df8bb09f526a635113762cb333a *

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