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mod_flvx built on Visual C++ 2008 (VC9)

mod_flvx is a flash video psudo-streming module for Apache 2.2 and 2.4

mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x files are built from a modified github source and are for Apache 2.4

Notice, use these modules at your own risk. There are no gurantees! They are virus free, or so says my AV and your mileage may vary. You are encouraged to check on your own since modules are DLL files, feel free to run them through VirusTotal.com. Please report any problems you encounter with the modules at the Apache Haus forum.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-vc14-x64.zip2017-02-19 11:49 15K 
[   ]mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-vc14-x86.zip2017-02-19 11:55 15K 
[   ]mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x64-vc11.zip2017-02-20 22:07 13K 
[   ]mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x64.zip2012-05-18 17:02 14K 
[   ]mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x86-vc11.zip2017-02-20 22:08 14K 
[   ]mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x86.zip2012-05-18 17:03 14K 

SHA1 File Checksums:

1fdd79c11fdd44166cddf6f3df26d4b9ce58fdad *mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-vc14-x64.zip
590b4bc9e312bd31a1a7eb8e7ca618dfd6a43b4d *mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-vc14-x86.zip
1def808aa069c73cde16e6a8a382bb14b52856e5 *mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x64-vc11.zip
b53217e5d962284d426815cce1ac54b87ee7ddce *mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x64.zip
b7be6ab4a698018183c0a1103df790b650a3ae8b *mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x86-vc11.zip
ce064f5da1e9946f0520b58f38868d6213db2415 *mod_flvx-0.4-Apache-2.4.x-x86.zip

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